Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Yak - Haargor pattern APC

Trolls Under the Bridge

„Three hundred fifty five thousand two hundred sixty seven Yaks? You must be kidding, sarge.”
“No shit. I’ve seen it on municio papers back at high command. They just deploy such herd on this blasted planet.”
“Is it more than two companies?”
“Yes, Yuri, that’s more a shut up.”
“And all of them are gone now. That’s creepy.”
“Not all, Kowalski, our one is still running. So just finish your rations and do something. Dismount gun and batteries. We are dry anyway. We need hit the road before the dusk or skellies grab us.”
“Is it more than tree…”
“Shut up!”

According Stocha-Magi of Municipio Militarum there are recorded causalities of 355 267 Mk. 3 APC a.k.a. Yaks, during the disaster operation publicly known as “Liberation of Nubia Five”.

The "Yak" is reliable infantry transported suited for most of the environment. Also the maintenance costs are drastically reduced, so why don't you grab a dozen or so?

Model's main body is cast from high quality resin and turret is from pewter (tin and lead alloy).

What you get:
Unpainted piece of one tank.

Tank consist turret and main body.


Dimensions are:

  • length of tank is 25 mm 
  • width of tank is 19 mm