Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Tergovore - The Mortar Bug

Trolls Under the Bridge

Venerable Magos call it Tergovore. Ordo Logisticos describe it as the Mortar Bug in their plans...
Yeah, these bullshits... I can't recall one time we address it other than "Incoming!".
Well, maybe sometimes "these f##$ing b@st##ds" when we gathering casualties. I hate them.

Sgt. Ulrich Triamos, decorated veteran of battle of Klendathu.

Tergovore - The Mortar Bug is highly detailed sci-fi miniature designed for wargaming use.

The miniature is designed with sphere join legs so it's possible to arrange it in many shapes. Also it contains two variant of the "turtle style" neck for higher diversity of final models.


What you get

Unpainted and un-assembled  mini (parts are cast of resin, the base is plastic) in a paper box with colour printed label.


Mini scale is 28 mm

60mm round hard plastic base