Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Sergeant John D. Quaid

Trolls Under the Bridge


When veteran Guardsmen flee, the Kasrkin stand.
When victory is near, the Kasrkin seize it.
When the Archenemy attacks, the Kasrkin Elite are
the rock upon which traitors shall break.

General Sturnn, commander of the Cadian 412th

The model of the squad leader, the Sgt. Jonn D. Quaid was created to honor great metal models of old Kasrkin (Cadian Storm troopers) made by GW. This comes as a mostly resin model with only metal part the hose and shoulder pads.
The miniature needs to be assembled and painted.

What you get

  • body with legs
  • head and helmet
  • backpack and power hose (metal)
  • a pair of shoulder pads (metal)
  • hell pistol, chainsword (metal), and two arms
  • base (25 mm diameter)


Miniature scale is 28 mm