Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Ork Shaman Ratta - the Voice of Jungle

Trolls Under the Bridge

Drums. Echo of orkish drums is piercing the jungle night. Unnatural lightning bolts are illuminating crumbling ziggurats of civilisations forgotten for ages swallowed by swamps, humid and vegetation.
      Although my heart is full of righteousness hatred to these foul xenos, I can't deny certain admiration for their weird understanding of the science.The word "understanding" is not the right one. The "rape", yes that's how orks shamans manipulate with the science. As brute and feral as effective.
Inquisitor I. Jones, Ordo Xenos, Collected Memories


Ratta is 28 mm scale detailed miniature, so it perfectly fits among other minis. The kit is fitted by enough parts to allow you set this miniature in two ways:

Technomancer Shaman - the one who choose the way of weird science. The model has proper lighting catcher and superior bolt throwing gauntlet.

Feral Shaman - the true Voice of Jungle the manifestation of primal anger.

Please check photos for detailed view of all parts.

 Miniature is fully cast of resin.

The model also contains scenic resin basing bit.