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Precision Scissors SCS-1

Trolls Under the Bridge


Your workshop / hobby place should contain at least two scissors. One of them should be the big and robust for heavy duty tasks. The second one should be the precise tool. Smaller and as fine as possible. You use that tool for precise cuts when you are working with decals, when you are preparing masks or if you are working with paper models.
You will dedicate this one only for working with paper and thin plastic sheets. And of course you are going to jump through the roof when you your wife cutting wires with you precise yellow scissors (don't ask me how I find it :) ).

SCS-1 scissors has extremely high quality stainless steel blades and are perfect for precise cutting. The serrated blades hold cutting objects tightly, grip the item being cut for accurate and powerful cutting.


What you get

One high quality scissors for precise cuts




Is the Japanese company with great tradition of blades products. We are using their products for more than 15 years. And frankly we believe they did Hatorri Hanzó sword also.