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Ogres of Erebos

Trolls Under the Bridge

Ogres are sought-after mercenaries in many Old World armies for their strength and brutality. Ogres of Erebos excel over other members of their race with a terrifying appearance. Their bodies are often adorned with many mutations, which are bizarre gifts from the almighty gods of Chaos.

Ogres of Erebos is a unit for 10mm fantasy wargames, like Warmaster. It is a nice alternative for your Chaos, Albion and many other armies.


What you get:

One unit of Ogres of Erebos (3 stands). Models are sold unpainted.

  • Nine Ogre models of 5 different designs cast in metal. Hight of the miniatures to the top of the heads is 18 - 19mm in pose (not including 1mm thick integral round base).
  • Three acrylic bases 40x20x1 mm.
  • €19.50