Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Necropolis Obelisk

Trolls Under the Bridge

Time in constant motion
Like the shifting desert sands
Sipping years in vain, 
And still, here I stand


The model is designed to fit into all 6mm scale sci-fi gaming systems like Epic/Net Epic and so on. Cast as one piece without any molding lines.

The last image shows size comparison to our other products - Monolith, Hyxos Stalker, and Immortals.

 What you get:

Unpainted piece of one obelisk. 

  • Resin obelisk - it is 32mm tall and 15x10mm wide at the widest point
  • Metal mounting pole.
  • Acrylic base - 24x32x2mm, 2mm hole.
  • €8.00