Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Necropolis Monolith

Trolls Under the Bridge

The plan about excavation and transportation of the Monolith back to Astro-city Kheilan III as a token of triumph was just the first part of the gargantuan mistake.
The real fuckup was that we've managed it.

Conversation fragments - recorded during Kheilan III annihilation.

We did it! We've just added so anticipated piece for the Necropolis army. The true army centerpiece - the Monolith.
Just combine the firepower heavy support and transport option. And you receive this floating mega-machine.

The package consists of parts for one monolith. Resin cast body, weapons, and two types of the top pylon (the short and taller one). The top "force field" is cast of transparent resin and it's possible to paint it with translucent colors or let it unpainted or paint it with a solid color. Thus you are able to have slightly different Monolith in your army.

Also, you find in the box a small metal rod for mounting the model on the base to achieve the "floating" effect.

The model is NOT painted.


The Monolith footprint is 37 x 37 mm

What you get

Following parts are packed in paper box

  • High-quality resin part as:
    • Upper and lower part of Monolith
    • Two types of pylon
    • Translucent top of Monolith
    • Three guns
  • Acrylic base 40x40mm 2mm thick
  • Metal rod to mount model on base