Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Necropolis Hyxos Stalker

Trolls Under the Bridge

“That's the wreck I’ve been talking about. Do you these scratches, sir?”
“Yes, what’s that?”
“That’s the damage our melta team inflicts…”
“Holly Terra! And this penetration, what’s the source?”
“I’m afraid it’s the lascannon hit. It seems our AT weapons has very small or zero effect at this enemy.”
“So how did you hunt it down finally?”
“The old-school method, sir!”
“Exactly, sir.”
“And our assault casualties?”
“A half…”
“A half of squad? Impressive lieutenant.”
“No, sir. Half of the platoon.”

First months of the operation was like a chain of surprises. Imperial commanders were challenged by unknown enemy every day.
- “Liberation of Nubia Five memories”

In the package you find all components necessary for Necropolis Hyxos Stalker model.
The model is suited to fit all 6mm scale sci-fi gaming systems.

Models are NOT painted and set DOES NOT contain a base.


Models have been cast of white metal (tin and lead alloy).