Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Nashorn Tank Hunter

Trolls Under the Bridge

...To the hands of Colonel Starski:

In last six days, our 85th Tank Destroyer Company successfully held the defensive positions in the ruins of Station C-7 as the anti-tank support of the defending infantry. The whole company was equipped with ten the brand new Nashorn Tank Hunters. During the hard fighting, we repelled eight attacks of Orcs, all of them consisting of “trukk” mounted infantry supported by all panoply of armoured vehicles and walkers. Nashorns were always focused on the most dangerous threats. According to our observations, the 85th Company destroyed 7 Battle Fortresses, 3 Gun Fortresses, 5 Stompas, 18 Deff Dreads and at least 38 Gun Wagons and similar smaller vehicles. Our own casualties consist of only one Nashorn completely destroyed and 3 reparably damaged, 5 men killed and 9 wounded.

Heavy laser cannons mounted on Nashorns proved to be a very potent weapon able to penetrate any armour.

The company remains battle ready and capable to continue fighting.

From the battle report of 357th Strike Regiment of Ural Guard

NASHORN Tank Hunter is an alternative model for the imperial Destroyer assault gun, suitable for sci-fi wargames like Epic Armageddon, etc. It is in 6 mm scale (approx. 1 : 280). 
The model's been cast as one piece of grey resin. There are no parts need to be glued. No mold lines. 

What you get:

Unpainted piece of one tank.
The consists NO base

Dimensions are:

  • length of the tank is 25 mm 
  • width of tank is 18 mm