Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

MDF "Clouds" 5x32mm Movement Tray

Trolls Under the Bridge

Horde armies players often solve two things. How to quickly move all your troops and how to distinguish similar units.
You can manage both problems by using movement trays.

In the set, you got parts for assembling two trays each for holding five models based on 32 mm round stands. So it's perfect for Marines, Acolytes and specially Orks.

It's compact designed so models are very close to each other and we minimise unit foot-print.

Trays are made of HDF and you can use any type of wood glue for the assembly. If you are going to paint them up we recommend to under coat assembled trays at first. 

We also offer 25 mm trays.

Tray dimensions:

Length: 103 mm
Wight: 65 mm
Height: 3+3 mm