Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Spirit of the Machine, hear my prayer,
Guide this missile, hold it true,
Let it part their steel and weak armour,
And crack their cowardly skin,
And smite the foe from the Omnissiah's sight.

Endure and agile platform equipped by various guns used by Mechguild of Mars on numerous planets. You can’t be wrong with that purchase unless you are going to conquer Atlantis class planet.

Dune Walker has been made suitable for sci-fi wargames like Epic Armageddon, etc. It is in the 6 mm scale (approx. 1 : 280). 

The kit contains enough parts to assemble one model in either anti-aircraft or anti-tank variant. Also, the weapons are designed to allow the swap without damaging the model.

What you get:

Unpainted piece of one vehicle.

  • Resin hull
  • Three pieces of walking part -metal
  • Two different guns - metal 
    The package consists of NO base.

    Dimensions are:

    • length of the vehicle is 20 mm (15 mm for the hull)
    • width of the vehicle is 20 mm (10 mm for the hull)