Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Colonel Patrick Hart

Trolls Under the Bridge


Here we will stand and fight; there will be no further withdrawal. I have ordered that all plans and instructions dealing with further withdrawal are to be burned and at once. We will stand and fight here. If we can’t stay here alive, then let us stay here dead.

Sir B.M., General  commander

The model of Colonel Patrick Hart was created to lead any Kasrkin detachment. The miniature has the option to choose between pistol and Rod of Command This comes as a mostly resin model with metal parts.
The miniature needs to be assembled and painted.

The scale is 28mm.

What you get

  • body with legs
  • head
  • backpack and power hose (metal)
  • a pair of shoulder pads (metal)
  • hell pistol, sword (metal), and two arms
  • scenic base (25 mm diameter)
All packed in a paper box with a colored label.