Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Bison, howitzer to hostile Environment

Trolls Under the Bridge


      Bison is encloded variant of Armageddon pattern basilisk.  Enclosed fighting compartment, giving its crew some extra protection. Basilisk in made suitable for sci-fi wargames like Epic Armageddon, etc. It is in the 6 mm scale (approx. 1 : 280). 

     The model's been cast as one piece of grey resin. There are no parts that need to be glued. No mold lines.  The muzzle is cast from the tin and lead alloy.

What you get:

Unpainted piece of one tank. Resin hull and metal muzzle.
The consists NO base

Dimensions are:

  • length of the tank is 25 mm 
  • width of tank is 18 mm