Trolls Under the Bridge

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Sisters of Battle Backpack Sign

Trolls Under the Bridge

You get custom-made backpack signs for Sisters of Battle - Fleur de Lys
It's cast of white metal (tin and lead alloy). 

Could be for example used as:

  • upgrade for a backpack for Superiors of Sisters of battle
  • battle objective
  • top of Simulacrum Imperialis or Banners
  • decoration for Rhino, Immolator, and Exorcist

What you get:

Three unpainted signs


Dimension  are:

  • The outer size of the circle is 9 mm
  • width (from tip to tip) is 18,5
  • heigh is 20 mm
  • thickness is 2,7 mm
  • diameter of the pole is 2 mm (designed to be easily attached by pining method)