Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Vaader Campaign Progress

Campaign update (16th October) - the Stretch Goal

We are slowly collecting picked pledges. Up today arrived 700 EUR. But as we promised we start working on the stretch goal - design of additional tank on same chassis as the Vaader is using.
Long story short, it's quite a work. There is our first draft. Keep on mind there would be some (probably a lot!) changes.

Alternative design

Also, there is an open issue with the tank name. So there is a great opportunity for anyone of you, guys. If you are one of the campaign participator (or you are going to be) just send me a message ( with name you want give it. We'll pick the most suited one and the winner receives one model as a free add-on to his pledge level.

Campaign update (11th October)

Quick evening campaign update. After clearing of mistaken subscriptions we've reached 820 EUR. So the Magos Dominus of Haargor forge facilities starts rapid design development of new Super Heavy Battle Tank.
It will be my honour to introduce first drafts by the end of this week.

Campaign update (3th October)

Guys, you are terrific! After first day you've pledged for 620 EUR. I simply can't believe it. But sure as hell I'm mega-happy!
And what this number means? Check this table:

 < 400 EUR No Vaader and very sad trolls.
400 - 800 EUR Busy trolls and produced model as was promised.
> 800 EUR You deserve some stretch goal!


 So it looks like I have to seriously start thinking what would be the perfect reward for you. And I believe there is not only mass transport using these wide tracks...


Thank you folks once more!