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Solarus Aftermath

Solarus Banner

Two Years Later...

The campaign's been stuck. One side ducked trenches second one saving theirs numbers.Each of them afraid of any major loses.
Imperial guard desperately looking for any reinforcement drops. Anything what could deviate this draw without perspective.
And it looks like their calls find the reply!

The project

 Almost two years ago we've run small crowd funding campaign called "Vaader Campaign" and it results into great success which brings these perfect super heavy transport vehicle

And one of "stretch goals" was developing another super heavy vehicle. More damage bringing orientated I would say...
Yes it takes a bit, but here we go!

Solarus - Super Heavy Battle-tank

++++To all commanders
++++High priority report
New super-heavy tank is currently reinforcing Haargor Federation forces in Hakan XI Warzone.
Code name: Solarus
Imperial Equivalent: Macharius or even Baneblade super-heavy tanks. 

For more details, see attached datasheets:

Solarus - Side

Solarus super-heavy tank of Haargor Federation. This particular vehicle was captured by 4th Penal Company of Ural 76th Infantry Regiment during battle of Station Zeta*. In the course of bitter fighting, this Solarus managed to destroy no less than 6 Leman Russ Battle tanks before being immobilised by (former) captain Malyshko, who threw himself under its tracks with demolition charges.
* Cobalt Steppes Theatre; Hakan XI Warzone.

Solarus - Top View

Solarus - Top View

Solarus Specification

++++Quartermaster Touranqa Grecht 
++++End of transmission 

The Model

As you can see the Solarus has been based on the Vaader chassis as is typical for the imperial designing doctrine.
But the dual battle cannon brings all the impact you need in the game.
It is an alternative model suitable for Epic and other 6 mm sci-fi strategic wargames. It's highly detailed multipart kit, made of resin with some tiny parts cast of metal for higher durability. Solarus represents a super-heavy vehicle, so it's rather huge - its hull is 43 mm long and 25 mm wide.

Solarus 1Solarus Parts

And Where's the Fricking Supply Drop?

Just couple clicks away, Sir!


The future of our imperial line

And there is the point we need your help guys. We really appropriate any your feedback. Do you like our work? What would you change? What would you add?

There are two major communication channels you can use: 

And remember - the upmost reason for all these is pure fun!