Trolls Under the Bridge

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OLFA X-grip Cutter XA-1

Trolls Under the Bridge

Through the last decade, we find out there are two types of hobbyists. One prefers cutters and the other xacto knives. It's just about personal preferences and habits.
XA-1 is a snap-off blade cutter with superior glass-fiber-reinforced Polypropylene conjoined with Elastomer grip. That means you have a better holding of the cutter and there is a minimal risk you slip your fingers. Also, it's very handled for prolonged hours of work - the grip is much comfortable for your finger muscles.

How about the blades consumption? Well after more of a decade using this cutter (and yes, I'm still using the one cutter I've bought years ago) I change the blade sheet (each sheet contains 12 snap-off blades) one or two times per year. And all the time you have razor-sharp tool.

Accessories - 9mm blades

  • ASBstandard-duty replaceable blades in a plastic case
  • SABsharper angled blades in a plastic case
  • ASBB - ultra-sharp standard-duty blades in a plastic case

What you get

One ready to use high quality snap-off cutter with anti slip grip (blades included)




Is a Japanese company with the great tradition of blades products. We are using their products for more than 15 years. And frankly, we believe they did Hatorri Hanzó sword also.