Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Raphaël 8404 - All sizes of painting brush Kolinsky Sable

Trolls Under the Bridge

One of the ever returning hobby questions is if these pretty expensive brushes are worthy of the money.
Well just because you see them in our shop you can guess our answer. But let me be a little more specific.
As a painter, gamer and general hobby enthusiast with over 25 years of experience I've learned that the most valuable commodity is time. And also there's no greater regret than losing precious hobby time with low-quality tools.
If you are painting miniatures you really want a proper painting brush that holds the perfect tip. Otherwise, you simply can't paint any details. It's not possible.
These Raphaël brushes cost around 10 euros. That's a lot. But they endure for a long time. Hell, I have brushes I'm using for more than three years and they are still just fine. And through the next three years I'll use them as well - maybe move them into the "rather rough techniques" section of my desk. But the amount of miniatures I'm able to paint with them is huge.

We did a lot of testing. And the Raphaël brand seems to us to be the best quality/price ratio. If you don't want to buy brushes every other month simply pick these.

The guide

What size do I need?

 Size Activity
3/0 2/0 I paint tiny details like eyes, eyes pupils, tattoos, freckles,...
0 I paint a lot of details, edge highlights, freehands,...
1 I paint! I need the brush to be able to paint most of the miniature. The one with the perfect tip and capable to hold enough paint for comfortable and continuous work.
2 I enjoy glazes, blending and I need a brush capable of holding a lot of paint.
3 I have some experience with wet techniques and I want a brush for really prolonged continuous work on the model.


What you get

One high-quality painting brush type 8404, best Kolinsky Sable hair