Trolls Under the Bridge

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Xacto Knife AK-4

Trolls Under the Bridge

Through the last decade we find out there are two types of hobbyists. One prefers cutters and the other xacto knives. It's just about personal preferences and habits.
Olfa brings perfect art/craft knife with replaceable blade AK-4 featuring ComfortGrip handle and quick-spin blade changing, perfectly balanced design and an anti-roll device. It really nicely fits into hand (doesn't mater which is your dominant hand).

And there is a lot of accessories for this knife. You can swap the blade to change it into bone saw, bone saw for limited reach or chisel. It basically perfect tool for any converting / kit bashing project.


  • KB4-S - Replacement xacto blades
  • KB4-F - Chisel blades for xacto knife
  • KB4-WS - Wide bone saw blades
  • KB4-NS - Narrow point bone saw blades

What you get

One high quality art knife and (2) precision blades, (1) chisel blade and (1) curved carving blade.




Is the Japanese company with great tradition of blades products. We are using their products for more than 15 years. And frankly we believe they did Hatorri Hanzó sword also.