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Bernadette, Mother Superior - Collectors Edition

Trolls Under the Bridge


Bernadette, Mother Superior is highly detailed sci-fi miniature set in complex diorama of wasted battlefield.

The main miniature is detachable from the vignette and has it own small base (designed for gaming purposes). Also you receive a lot of accessories to tune Bernadette as you wish.

Please check our video to discover all details.


What you get

Unpainted and unassempled  mini (most of the parts are resin, some delicated are cast of white metal) in a paper box with color printed label


Mother Miniature has these parts:

  • Head - 2 option

  • Selection of 4 weapons - boltgun, bolt pistol, sword, power axe

  • backpack with brazier of fire

  • body

  • round base

Diorama has these parts:

  •  three parts as base of diorama
  • wall part
  • stones pile part
  • dead marine torso + left arm + lower body part
  • right arm
  • helmet with skull
  • backpack - 2 parts - mass of backpack + sign
  • staff + long parchment
  • lightning claw (2 parts)


Mini scale is 28 mm