Trolls Under the Bridge

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MDF Wound Trackers/Dial Damage Counter

Trolls Under the Bridge

In cooperation with talented servitors of Ordo Laser we've developed and tested wound trackers for heavy use on battlefields.

Main requirements were:

  • Heavy duty tool
  • Quick and easy assembly process
  • Good cost / value ratio
  • And here's the result. Functional and robust wound tracker. We tested them during many battles and they are working very well. Just change dials to the new value and keep playing.

    You get MDF sheet with pre-cut parts for assembly of three wound trackers.

    Tracker dimensions:

    Length: 40 mm
    Wight: 25 mm
    Height: 10 mm
    Dials values: from 00 to 49

    Please view Assembly guide if help is needed.