Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Sisters of Battle Sign

Trolls Under the Bridge

You get a custom made sign for Sisters of Battle. 
It's cast of white metal (tin and lead alloy). 

Could be for example used as: 

  • Faith Point counter 
  • Sign on Sisters vehicle
  • Battle objective 
  • A decoration for Rhino, Immolator and Exorcist back door

(I guess there is plenty more uses, such is desecrated Sisters of battle symbol on daemon / Chaos base) 

What you get

A unpainted conversion bit.


Dimension  are:

  • inner circle (size of flower de lys) is 15 mm. 
  • outer circle is 20,5 mm
  • width (from tip to tip) is 38 mm
  • heigh is 45,5 mm
  • thickness of circle is 1,6 mm