Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Sisters of Battle Backpack Sign

Trolls Under the Bridge

You get custom made backpack sign for Sisters of Battle. 
It's cast of white metal (tin and lead alloy). 

Could be for example used as:

  • upgrade for backpack for Superiors of Sisters of battle
  • battle objective
  • top of Simulacrum Imperialis or Banners
  • decoration for Rhino, Immolator and Exorcist

What you get:

An unpainted conversion bit.


Dimension  are:

  • outer size of  circle is 9 mm
  • width (from tip to tip) is 18,5
  • heigh is 20 mm
  • thickness is 2,7 mm
  • diameter of pole is 2 mm (designed to be easily attached by pining method)