Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Hussars Wings

Trolls Under the Bridge

Five sets of detailed "wings". Each set consists two wings and back-pack construction. 
It's cast of white metal (tin and lead alloy). 

Rider and horse are not part of the model - they are on pictures only for scale purpose.

Could be for example used as:

  • decoration for any sci-fi or fantasy fast moving unit such motorbikes, lancers, Death Riders...
  • add-on for "Easter Europe" themed warriors
  • component for objective markers

What you get:

5 sets of two wings and holding construction


Dimension  are:

  • width (space between wings) is 15 mm (it's very adjustable)
  • height is 25 mm
  • length of quills is from 5 to 7 mm