Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Vaader Super Heavy Transport

Trolls Under the Bridge

You get this custom made tank - Vaader Super Heavy Transport of Haargor pattern.

Scale of this detailed model is 6mm (approximately 1:290), ideal for high generalship tactical wargaming.

Model has been cast of resin (all body parts) and white metal (turrets and sponsons).

We are proud to announce this model has been created with enormous help of our fans and customers. Thank you guys! You show us everything is possible.

What you get:

Unpainted piece of one  super heavy tank.

Tank consist of turrets, main body parts, tracks, plow and two versions of sponsons flamers and mortars

The model is delivered WITHOUT the base.

Dimensions are:

  • length of the tank is 52 mm 
  • width of the tank is 29 mm (32 with sponsons)
  • height of the tank is 18 mm